Solar Power System

Grid Tie Inverter

    Application: household and industrial


    Load power: 250-600W


    System: grid tie solar system


1. Brand: SMC
2. Application: household and industrial
3. Place of origin: Shanghai, China
4. Load power: 250-600W
5. Phase: Single phase
6. Wave: Pure sine wave
7. System: grid tie solar system
8. Input voltage: 10.8-30v/22-60v
9. Output voltage: 90-130v/190-260v

10. Frequency: 46-65Hz


Grid tie inverter is used to describe the concept – a solar system that is connected to the utility power grid.


2. Production flow chart:


3. Parameter performance:


Power inverter are used in a wide range of application including rote homes, RVS, sailboats and powerboats. It will operate most televisions and V8, personal computers, small appliances and tools such as drills, senders, grinders, mixers and blenders.



1. Electronic overload protection with automatic shutdown.

2. Low battery voltage warning followed by automatic shutdown.

3. High input voltage protection with automatic shutdown.

4. Over temperature protection with automatic shutdown.

5. Output short circuit protection.

6. Anti-Islanding Protection



1. Perfect Pure Sine Wave Output Form

2. DSP chip controlled

3. High efficiency by using advanced IGBT

4. High utilization of solar energy by using MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) technology

5. Aluminum radiator to guarantee long-term heat dissipation

6. Protection of wrong polarity connection to avoid the damages by incorrect operation

8. Full power output under harsh circumstance

9. Stackable (connect in parallel for higher output)

10. Simple and safe installation

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