Electrical Cable

High-Voltage Cable

    Main Type: YJQ02, YJQ03, YJLQ02, YJLQ03, etc.

    Component Material Standard: IEC 60840:1999  

    Certificate: CCC, CE, CB, BS, SAA, SGS

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading of high-voltage cable manufacturer and supplier.

High-voltage cable is a kind of power cable, which refers to the power cable used to transmit between 1kv-1000kv, which is mostly used in power transmission and distribution. The components of the high-voltage cable from inside to outside include: conductor, insulation, inner sheath, filler (armor), and outer insulation. Armored high-voltage cables are mainly used for underground burial, which can resist high-strength pressure on the ground and prevent other external forces from damaging.

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1. Processing method:

High-voltage electric wires are formed by bundling a plurality of arranged conductors and covering them with an insulator

2. Production flow chart:

(1). Conductor → high-voltage cross-linked three-layer co-extruded insulation injection molding → pressure test → cable or steel armor → sheath injection molding → qualified inspection → package packaging → factory

(2). Conductor → conductor stranded wire → high-voltage cross-linked three-layer co-extruded insulation injection molding → withstand voltage test→cable or steel armor→sheath injection molding→qualified inspection→ packed packaging→delivery

3. Material elements:


Package of high-voltage cable:

1) According to customer request, 100m/roll,200m/roll,300m/roll....

2) Inner packing: Wooden reel, plastic reel, and paper reel available.

3) Outer packing: Carton box, pull out box, pallet available.

4) Other packing available according to client's request.


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