Water Supply

Polyethylene Water Supply Pipe

    Material: Polythylene


    Color: Black


    Presssure: PN5,PN6,PN8,PN10,PN12.5,PN16,PN20,PN25


    Standard: ISO4427,AS/NZS4130,DIN 8074

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Polyethylene Water Supply Pipe manufacturer and supplier.

PE pipe is a non-polar thermoplastic resin with high crystallinity. The inner wall of the PE water supply pipe is smooth and does not change with the use of time. The friction resistance is small, saving energy. The pressure loss is about 30% smaller than that of the steel pipe. A smaller caliber can be selected than the steel pipe. ISO standard grade polyethylene material is grade 0 (lower grade), no mold material, compared with some other commonly used plastic materials, polyethylene's mold resistance It is much higher and does not accumulate in long-term use.

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Packing of PE Water Supply Pipe:



PE pipe welding method:



1. Preparation for PE pipe welding: Check whether the power supply of the hot melt machine is connected, whether the milling cutter and heating plate are ready,  and whether the rack cylinder is running.

2. Welding:

-Remove the dirt (oil, dust, mud, water) from the pipe port.

- Place the PE pipe in the rack slip.

- Mill the end face of the PE pipe with a milling cutter.

- Measure the power of the frame cylinder support.

-Check whether the temperature of the heating plate reaches the temperature value between 190-230, 210±10℃ at normal temperature.

-Put the heating plate into the rack.

-Reduce the welding pressure (0.02Mp).

-Switch quickly after the time is up.

-Increase the pressure to meet certain requirements, generally 2-3Mp, depending on the power of the cylinder support.

-Pressure cooling.


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