Saw Blade

    Diameter: 110mm,150mm,180mm,200mm,230mm,300mm.....


    Martial: 255,305,355,405....

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Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Saw Blade manufacturer and supplier.

Saw blade is a general designation of circular cutting tools for cutting solid materials. Saw blade can be divided into: diamond saw blade for stone cutting; high speed steel saw blade for metal cutting (not inlaid with carbide cutter head); carbide saw blade for solid wood, furniture, wood-based panel, aluminum alloy, aluminum profile, radiator, plastic, plastic steel and other cutting.

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Basic Requirements

1. Select the appropriate saw blade according to the design requirements of the equipment.

2. The equipment shall be equipped with safety protection devices, such as: protective cover, power-off brake, overload protection.

3. There are professional operators to install and use, wear labor clothes, wear protective glasses, earmuffs, etc.

4. Operators shall not wear gloves, long hair shall be placed in the work cap, and attention shall be paid to ties and cuffs to prevent danger.

5. Keep away from fire and damp environment.

Installation requirements

1. The equipment is in good condition, and the main shaft is free of deformation, radial jump, fixed firmly, vibration, etc.

2. Check whether the saw blade is damaged, whether the tooth profile is complete, whether the saw plate is smooth and clean, and whether there are other abnormal phenomena to ensure the use safety.

3. During assembly, make sure that the arrow direction of saw blade is consistent with the rotation direction of main shaft of equipment.

4. When installing the saw blade, keep the shaft center, chuck and flange clean. The inner diameter of the flange is the same as that of the saw blade. Make sure that the flange is closely connected with the saw blade. Install the locating pin and tighten the nut. The size of flange plate shall be appropriate, and the outer diameter shall not be less than 1 / 3 of the diameter of saw blade.

5. Before starting the equipment, ensure that under the safe condition, there is a single person to operate the equipment, jog and idle, check whether the equipment is turned correctly, whether there is vibration, after the saw blade is installed, first idle for a few minutes, and then work normally without slipping, swinging or jumping.

Use requirements

1. During operation, the workpiece shall be fixed, and the profile positioning shall conform to the cutting direction, so as to avoid abnormal cutting. Do not apply side pressure or curve cutting, and the feed shall be stable, so as to avoid the impact of the blade on the workpiece, resulting in the damage of the saw blade, or the workpiece flying out, and accidents.

2. In case of abnormal sound and vibration, rough cutting surface or peculiar smell during operation, the operation must be terminated immediately and checked in time to eliminate faults so as to avoid accidents.

3. When starting and stopping cutting, do not feed too fast to avoid tooth breakage and damage.

4. If cutting aluminum alloy or other metals, special cooling lubricant shall be used to prevent the saw blade from overheating, generating tooth paste, and other damages, affecting the cutting quality.

5. Ensure smooth operation of equipment chip chute and slag suction device to prevent slag from accumulating and blocking, affecting production and safety.

⒍ when dry cutting, please do not cut continuously for a long time, so as not to affect the service life and cutting effect of the saw blade; when wet cutting, water should be added to cut to prevent leakage.

Saw blade maintenance

1. If the saw blade is not used immediately, it shall be placed horizontally or hung up by using the inner hole. Other articles or feet shall not be stacked on the horizontally placed saw blade, and attention shall be paid to moisture-proof and rust proof.

2. When the saw blade is no longer sharp and the cutting surface is rough, it must be reground in time. Grinding can not change the original angle and destroy the dynamic balance.

3. The internal diameter correction and positioning hole processing of saw blade must be carried out by the manufacturer. If the processing is not good, it will affect the use effect of the product and may cause danger. In principle, the hole enlargement shall not exceed the original hole diameter by 20 mm, so as to avoid affecting the balance of stress

4. Selection of alloy grinding wheel.

1) Resin bonded diamond wheel has a weak bonding strength, so it has a good self sharpening property, is not easy to block, has high grinding efficiency, less grinding force and low grinding temperature. Its disadvantages are poor wear resistance, large wear loss of abrasive tools, and is not suitable for heavy load grinding.

2) Ceramic bonded diamond wheel has better wear resistance and binding ability than resin bonded wheel. It has advantages of sharp cutting, high grinding efficiency, not easy to heat and block, less thermal expansion, easy to control accuracy, rough grinding surface and high cost.

3) The metal bonded diamond wheel has the advantages of high bonding strength, good wear resistance, low wear, long service life, low grinding cost and can bear large load, but its sharpness is poor and it is easy to block.

4) Abrasive particle size has a certain impact on the wheel plugging and cutting amount. Compared with fine sand, coarse sand has a higher cutting depth, and the cutting edge wear of abrasive increases. On the contrary, the wheel is easy to plug.

5) The hardness of the grinding wheel has a great influence on the blocking. The high hardness of the grinding wheel has a high thermal conductivity, which is not conducive to the surface heat dissipation, but conducive to improving the machining accuracy and durability.

6) The concentration selection of grinding wheel is an important characteristic, which has a great influence on grinding efficiency and processing cost. The concentration is too low to affect the efficiency. On the contrary, the abrasive particles are easy to fall off, but the best concentration range of binder is also the best.

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