Ferrite Magnet

    Grade: Y25, Y30, Y35, Y40


    Shape: Ring, Block, Disc, Sector, Tile


    Operation Temperature: -40℃~+200

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Ferrite Magnet supplier and manufacturer.

Ferrite magnet is a kind of permanent magnet, which is made of SrO or BaO and Fe2O3 as raw material. Compared with other permanent magnet, ferrite magnet is hard and brittle with low energy. But it is not easy to demagnetization and corroded, production process is simple and nun-expensive. Therefore, in the production of whole magnet industrial, ferrite magnet is highest and widely used in industrial production.

In contrast, permanent ferrite magnets are made of hard ferrites, which have a high coercivity and high remanence after magnetization. Iron oxide and barium or strontium carbonate are used in manufacturing of hard ferrite magnets. The high coercivity means the materials are very resistant to becoming demagnetized, an essential characteristic for a permanent magnet. They also have high magnetic permeability. These so-called ceramic magnets are cheap, and are widely used in household products such as refrigerator magnets. The maximum magnetic field B is about 0.35 tesla and the magnetic field strength H is about 30 to 160 kiloampere turns per meter (400 to 2000 oersteds). The density of ferrite magnets is about 5 g/cm3.

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Parameter and Characteristics


Operation Temperature: -40℃~+200℃

Tolerance: +/-2% or +/- 0.2mm


1) Certification: SGS MSDS DGM

2) Degaussed Package

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