Conductivity:≥ 90%

    Resistivity: 0.047Ωmm²/m  @20℃

    Elongation: ≥15%

    Tensile Strength:>180Mpa

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Tinned copper wire manufacturer and supplier.

Tinned copper wire is made by covering a coating of Tin on the surface of copper wire by hot dip method, the metallic cohesion is perfectly between the layers, and there will be no flaking. Tin-plated copper wire is mainly used for rubber insulated mine cables, soft wires, soft cables and marine cables as conductive cores, as well as for the outer shielding braiding layer and brush wire of cables.

Tinned copper wire with the high conductivity &magneto conductivity of Copper, it is easy to automation. So It is mainly used for grounding purposes, line tracing to locate underground utilities, drop wire of telephone cables, and inner conductor of coaxial cables, including thin hookup cables like RG-174 and CATV cable. It is also used in some antennas for RF conducting wires.

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Packing of Tinned Copper Wire:

1) Plastic spool size: DIN130mm, DIN160mm, DIN185mm, DIN250mm, DIN400mm, DIN500mm 

2) 20GP can put in 18 tons. 

3) According to customer requirement.

Application of Tinned Copper Wire:

Inner conductor of terminal CATV coaxial cable

Conductive cord of user communication cable for double conductor telephones.

Plug-ins for electronic components

Conductive cord of field wires

Overhead system for power transmission and telephone lines

Overhead-contact systems for railway and Light Rail Transit

Braided shield wire of power cable

Earthing pole for electrical power industry


Features of Tinned Copper Wire:

Shiny & Uniformity

Excellent electrical conductivity

High Frequency

Bend Resistance

High tensile strength

Excellent welding and

Good corrosion resistance

Light Specific gravity

Can save resources of Copper 

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