Enamelled Copper Wire , PTFE Wire

Tinned CCS Wire (Tinned Copper Clad Steel Wire)

    Size (diameter): 0.08mm-3mm


    Material: Low carbon steel and Pure copper 99.95%


    Conductivity: 15~30%

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Tinned CCS Wire manufacturer and supplier.

Tinned CCS wire is "CP" wire, which is made of high-class low-carbon steel, with cladding non-oxygenic copper layer by mechanical method, then plating Tin on surface. Due to the high purity of layer, the Copper core and Tin layer cladding close-grained. Tinned CCS wire with the high conductivity &magneto conductivity of Copper, high strength of Steel, Thermal conductivity & corrosion resistance of Steel, The resistance of anti-vibration effect is 3-6 times to pure Copper wire, it is easy to automation. So It is mainly used for grounding purposes, line tracing to locate underground utilities, drop wire of telephone cables, and inner conductor of coaxial cables, including thin hookup cables like RG-174 and CATV cable. It is also used in some antennas for RF conducting wires.

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Specifications of Tinned CCS wire:

Packing of Tinned CCS wire:

1) Normal package,Spool size:

DIN105mm, DIN130mm, DIN180mm,DIN250mm, DIN400mm.

2) According to customer requirement.


1、CCS wire is widely used for CATV cable;

2、Conductor of coaxial cable, conductor of parallel double core telephone lines;

3、Computer LAN wire, access network cable, outdoor used cable inner conductor materials;

4、All sorts of electronic components connectors;

5、Power transmission and telephone line aerial;

6、Electrified railway, the rail transit lines catenary aerial;

7、Textile shielding wire of power cable;

8、Electric power industry holding ground;

9、Medical equipment and equipment connecting cables conductor;

10、High temperature electronic line conductor;

11、High temperature of radio frequency cable coil;

12、High frequency signal transmission;

13、Cable TV coaxial cable conductor.

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