Forming Machine

Automatic Wire Hanger Forming Machine

    Production speed: 24-26 pcs/min 

    General size of wire hanger: 16"-18", 14"-19"


    Feature: Auto wire feeding, straightening, forming

Product Detail

Our machine is fully automatic hanger making machine. It can bend different sizes and shapes of wire into hanger with easy operation for workers. 
The process of shape changing is very simple and quick, you only need to adjust the molds.
The machine is able to produce the galvanized wire hangers and PVC wire hangers. 
The size of hangers can be decided according to customer’s requirement by mold changing. It is usually 13-20 inches 

Moreover, we also able to supply full line hanger machines as well as raw materials. 

Equipment Constituent
Wire Feeding Line + Forming machine + hanger holder

Raw Materials
- stainless steel wire / aluminum alloy wire:1.6mm-2.8mm
- P.V.C. Coated Wire dia.:2.6mm-3.6mm
- galvanized wire: 1.7mm- 2.2mm

Machine Specifications 

1.Net weight: 750 KG

2.Power: 1.5 KW





4.Warranty: 12 months

5.Dimensions: 1.8m*0.8m*1.65m (2.4 m3)


Children size: 13’’ — 14’’

Adult size: 15’’ — 18’’

Free accessories include:
1.wire rack
2.hanger holder
Colors of the machine can be painted as requirement.
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