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Cold Press Machine

    Model: SMC1325*50T

    Size of worktable: 2500x1250mm


    Max. pressure: 50T

Cold Press Machine is widely used by manufacturers who produce furniture, sound boxes, woodworking,upholstery, advertising boards, plastics, 

veneers, plywood, shaving boards, laminated boards and any other woodworking casting dies.

1. Leveling and shaping for some kinds of plates.
2. Working quality to be good, pressing fast and efficient.
1. Easy to operate, reasonable design, stable performance
2. Fast and efficient pressing.
3. Emergency safety braking.
4. Trip limited device.
5. Automatic compression and unloading pressure function
6. Work-table height convenient for human body.

Cold Press: SMC1325*50T

Size of worktable: 2500x1250mm

Max. pressure: 50T

Total power: 4kw/ 5.5kw

Working speed: 180mm/min

Max. Platen Prening: 1000/1300/1500mm

Number of cylinder: 2

Net Weight: 2800kg

Overall dimensions(LxWxH): 2960x1250x2190mm 

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