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Precision Machined Medical Parts

    Materials for medical parts:

    •300 series stainless steel

    •Aluminum Alloys

    •Other alloys we machine

Product Detail

Think of a component, a material, a geometry, a machining operation. Consider lead time and delivery date. Respect quality. Then call SMC, 

equipped to perform precision machining.

The heart of our business is high complexity, close tolerance precision machined parts and assemblies. We are perfectly equipped to serve 

customers who need a high volume of precision machined parts in a short amount of time. Our milling, turning, and grinding capabilities are 

designed with the ability to:

•shorten lead times for manufacturing in production volumes
•meet the most demanding tolerances
•streamline complex geometries into a single process
•increase productivity, producing multiple precision machined parts simultaneously
•eliminate extra operations
•deliver highly consistent quality precision machined parts 
Medical Parts Prototypes & Production

SMC rapid prototyping machines and product launch capabilities help you thoroughly prove out design concepts through rapid prototyping 

parts for trouble-free production release.

Our master machinist, a specialist in rapid prototyping, reviews your RFQ in detail. When it makes sense, your engineers work with him on site 

to make timely changes that streamline the prototyping process. The whole process is geared to helping you:

•solve design issues rapidly
•assess manufacturability of design concepts
•discover cost savings before production launch
•evaluate SMC production and service capabilities
•We're ready to help you with your rapid prototyping parts. 
•Your production runs from the small to the very large can be produced at our facility.
•Your Proprietary information is safe with us. We routinely sign Non Disclosures with our customers.

Materials for medical parts

•300 series stainless steel

•Aluminum Alloys

•Other alloys we machine

Aluminum Alloys: All Types (6061 -T6, 7075 etc.)

Controlled expansion Alloy: Kovar, etc.

Copper Alloys: All Copper Alloys (Beryllium Copper)

Specialty Alloys: All Types (Electronic Iron, Consumet Core Iron, Vacuum Melt Core Iron)

Nickel Alloys: Nickel 200, Monel, Cu-Ni 715

Steels: All

Services for medical parts production 

•Precision CNC Milling

•Precision CNC Turning

•Horizontal Machining

•Precision Laser cutting

•Wire Electrical Discharge Machining

•Precision Stamping

•Precision seam welding and laser welding

•Engineering Prototypes

•Tooling and Fixturing

•Process Development

•Mechanical Assemblies

•Finishing - [Cleaning & Deburring]

•Electro polishing and Chemical polishing

•Plating(Zinc, Ni, Chrome, Passivate, etc)

•PVD coating(DLC, TiN, TiCN, AlTiN, TiALN, CrN, etc)

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