Forming Machine

JH21 Series C-frame Fixed Bolster Press

    Capacity: 25ton,45ton,60ton,80ton,100ton,125ton,200ton,250ton,315ton,400ton. 

    Slide stroke: 50mm-250mm

    Slide strokes per minute: 30-125min-1

The JH21 C-frame single crank press is suitable to process the lightweight and thin materials through blanking, piercing, bending, forming, interlink with ROT line or transfer unit. Suitable for single and progressive die application, and it owns the capacity ranging from 25 ton to 400 ton.

The press use high torque and low noise wet clutch and brake.

The steel welded body ensures rigid frame with less deflection. High accuracy transmission gears and high rigidity crank ensure press long life and accuracy.

Forced lubrication system with default monitor ensures the operation reliability. User-friendly design and all-function electric control system enable the accessories to attach easily.

  • Standard Equipments:

    1) High Performance Wet clutch (Adopt advanced Japanese technology)

    2) PLC

    3) Hydraulic overload protecting pump

    4) Touch screen

    5) Cam controller

    6) Die height adjusted motor (JH21-60 and upon models)

    7) Auto lubrication system

  • 8) Manual lubrication system

    9) Double hand control panel

    10) Electronic crankshaft angle indicator

    11) Predetermined counter

    12) Balance cylinders for slide and upper die

    13) Work light

    14) Joint for air

    15) Joint for miss-feeding

  • Optional Equipments:

    1) Light curtain

    2) Foot pedal

    3) Die cushion

    4) Inverter

    5) Variable speed motor

    6) Auto feed shaft

    7) Die quick change device

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