Vehicle Industry

Thermostat Assembly/ Auto Thermostat Housing/ Engine Coolant Thermostat

    Car Fitment: Mercedes-Benz.


    Type: Cooling System.


    Size: OEM Standard.


    Warranty: 12 months.

Shanghai Metal Corporation is the one of the largest manufacturers of auto parts for over 10 years, our main products are auto switches, thermostats assembly, oil dipstick, etc. With the sustained growth of our business and to further meet the demands of the customers, our company also expanded our production line of engine parts, chassis parts, and brake system parts for European cars, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, all of which were well-received and enjoyed a high reputation by customers in Europe, America, South east Asia, the Middle East and etc.

We mainly produces and sells German and British models of auto parts. Products are very comprehensive, including engine parts, gearbox parts, chassis parts, electrical parts and body parts. Thermostat Housing is used for car, truck, jeep. We always pursue humanized services, comprehensive quality management, high transaction security, competitive prices, sufficient inventory, customized service and fast delivery.

If you want to know more about our thermostat assembly or Aluminum Roller Shutter, Aluminum door, Garage door, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

  • 1) Good quality with competitive prices

    2) Advanced testing equipment

    3) Large dust holding capacity

    4) Good temperature resistance

    5) Good anti-humidity performance

    6)No distortion of pleats

    7)Economical,practical,and easy to install

    8) Durable and reliable.

  • 1) Direct Replacement. Ready to use.

    2) Strict quality control standards to build and test.

    3) Designed to fit and meet the specifications of the OE parts being replaced.

    4) High performance aftermarket products.

    5) A fast and affordable way to easily upgrade your car's appearance performance.

    6) CNC Machined for maximum accuracy.

    7) Forged, heat treated chrome alloy steel body for high strength.

    8) Precision machined and heat treated internal components.

  • 1) Benz C/E 103 degrees Celsius

    2) C/E/R/S/X/GL 87 degrees Celsius

    3) C/E/R/S/CLK/CLS/SLK 100 degrees Celsius

    4) C/E/R/S/X/GL 87 degrees Celsius

    5) A/B/C/X/GLA 97 degrees Celsius

    6) C/E/S/X/GLK 95 degrees Celsius

    7) A/B 87 degrees Celsius

    8) C/E/GLC/SLC 97 degrees Celsius

  • 1. Benz C/E 103 degrees Celsius, W204/C180(2010-2014); W204/C200(2008-2012); W204/C260(2008-2014);  W212/E200(2011-2012); W212/E260(2010-2014)


     2. GL450 (2006-2012); GL550 (2008-2012); G500 (2009-2012); R500 (2006-2017); SL500 (2006-2011)


     3. C/E/R/S/X/GL 87 degrees Celsius, W251/R320/R350 (2009-2010); E221/S320 (2006-2012); X164/GL320/GL350 (2006-2016); W212/E350 (2009-2012); W204/C320 (2004-2012); W204/C350 (2011-2013)


     4. C/E/R/S/CLK/CLS/SLK 100 degrees Celsius, C200 (2008-2012); C230 (2004-2017); E230 (2007-2009); CLK280 (2006-2013); CLS300/E30/SLK300 (2009-2013); R300 (2005-2014); S300 (2006-2013); C280 (2004-2013); SLK280 (2004-2009)


     5. C/E/R/S/X/GL 87 degrees Celsius, W251/R320/R350 (2009-2010); W221/S320 (2006-2012); X164/GL320/GL350 (2006-2016); W212/E350 (2009-2012); W204/C320 (2004-2012); W204/C350 (2011-2013)


     6. A/B/C/X/GLA  97 degrees Celsius, X156/GlA200 (2015-); X156/GLA220 (2015-); X156/GLA260 (2015-); W176/A180/A200/(2013-); W176/A260(2013-2018); C117/GLA180/GLA200 (2015-); C117/GLA220/GLA260 (2014); W246/B180/200 (2012); W246/260 (2012-)


     7. C/E/S/X/GLK 95 degrees Celsius, S204/C220 (2011-2013); S204/C204/W204 (2007-2013); W212/E200/E250 (2009-2012); X204/GLK220 (2008-2012); W447/V220/V250 (2014-)


     8. A/B 87 degrees Celsius, W169/A150 (2004-2012); W169/A160 (2010-2013); W169/W245/A170 (2005-2012); W169/A180 (2010-2013); W245/B200 (2005-2013); W169/A200 (2004-2012)


     9. C/E/GLC/SLC 97 degrees Celsius, C180 (2014-); C200/E200 (2014-); C260/E260 (2014-2016); C300/E300 (2015-); GLC 200/GLC300/SLC200/SLC300 (2016-); V250/V260 (2014)


    Step 1.Put unit into paper carton;

    Step 2.Put paper carton on wooden pallet;

    Step 3. Cover the whole pallet with PE film;

    Step 4. Other customerized requirements. 




    Our Strength:

    1) We are one of the first stamping factories in China and can make the mold as customers' requests.

    2) We have an excellent team, including engineers, skilled workers and professional foreign trade personnel and so on.

    3) Fast delivery, good price, timely, meticulous and comprehensive services.

    4) Profession QC department to ensure the best quality.

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