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Aluminum Rolling Shutter

    Open Style: Manual, electric and remote-controlled operation


    Door Size: customized


    Door Slat Material: Double layer Aluminum with PU foam insulation


    Door Color: white, silver gray, brown or other color

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aluminum rolling shutter in China, who is engaged in the production, sales and installation of electric rolling doors, intelligent garage doors, fire doors, industrial doors, intelligent electric doors, glass automatic induction doors, etc.

We always adhere to the requirements of quality-oriented, safety first, reputation first, and wholeheartedly provide high-quality services for new and old customers. We have our own production line for aluminum slats with foam filled, extruded aluminum profiles, powder coating, die casting, cutting and bending panel, cutting aluminum and steel profile, punching, drilling. We have professional teams for design, production, quality control and installation. We can supply both roller shutter components and complete roller shutter ready for installation.

Aluminum roller shutters are suitable for a variety of applications, including schools, hospitals, shops, commercial premises and private housing. They offer high levels of security against intrusion of sound ingress and heat loss during the winter.

If you want to know more about our Aluminum Roller Shutter, aluminum door, aluminum profile or other related products, please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

  • 1) Mill Finish

    2) Powder Coating

    3) Anodizing

    4) Wooden Grain

    5) Fluorine carbon coating

    6) Electrophoresis

1) Stainless Steel Security Mesh

2) Aluminum Security Mesh

3) Fiberglass Flyscreen

4) Retractable Flyscreen

  • 1) Commercial and Industrial Premises

    2) Public Buildings

    3) Retail Sites

    4) Schools

    5) Hospitals

    6) Private Housing, etc.

Technical Information of Aluminum Rolling Shutter:

 Slat option:

- 32mm , 43mm, 55mm, 77mm;

- 43mm , 55mm with air hole;

- 77mm with transparent glass;

- 55mm, 77mm, 98mm with PU foam.

Thickness option:

- 0.8mm ,1.0mm ,1.2mm, 1.5mm for aluminum roller shutter door

- 0.37mm, 0.47mm,0.48mm,0.50mm for hurricane roller door with foam.



- French motor

- China-made Motor

Common color: white, cream yellow, red (The color can be specified by your requirement)

Opening ways: remote control system, winch (when the power is off), pure manual (key and lock); 

All electric shutters are supplied with remote control as standard. Switch operation is available as an optional extra. A manual override is also fitted in case of power failure.

Electric key: switch button

Surface Finish: powder coating

Material: 6063T5 Aluminum

Packaging of Aluminum Rolling Shutter:

Package Type: Carton Package for full container loading; Plywood box package for partial container

More about Aluminum Rolling Shutter:


1. Creating a warm and private space for you;

2. Protecting you from the bad weather; Hurricane proofing (can resist the wind with speed of 33.5 m/s)

3. Providing a barrier for you to sound insulation;

4. Saving more energy for you;

5. Providing a burglar barrier for you;

6. Shutter window with concealed screens;

7. Simulating the owner's living life by timer switch;

8. Getting the most comfortable manipulations by wireless remote control;

9. Realizing group control of multiple shutter windows;

10. Forming a beautiful coat of your building.

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