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Corundum Grinding Ball/ Alumina Ball

    Diameter: 0.5mm-30mm


    Material: Alumina

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading corundum grinding ball/alumina ball manufacturer and supplier.

The main component of corundum grinding ball/alumina ball is high-quality alumina, with high purity, high strength, high hardness, high whiteness, low abrasion, and basically no effect on the quality of the grinding material. The product adopts rolling and isostatic pressing, with a large specific gravity which can greatly improve the grinding efficiency, reduce the grinding time, and increase the effective capacity of the ball mill, thereby increasing the amount of grinding material added. It has low abrasion and can greatly extend the service life of the grinding body. It has a high mechanical strength, a long life cycle, good chemical stability, no chemical reactions with the material, high temperature resistance, etc. (Maximum heat resistance up to 1200 ℃)

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  • How to optimize the grinding process
    In the situation of wet grinding
    Usually,the total charges of the alumina balls in one ball mill should be not less than 55% of the total ball mill capacity. 
    Empirical formula of charged alumina ball quantity into ball mill M=3.14 x R2 x D x x 25%+1000 Remark:M=charged alumina ball quantity(kg)
    D=Alumina ball density(g/cm3)
    R=Radius of ball mill L=Ball mill Length

    Alumina grinding ball proportion
    For a bright new installed ball mill,the alumina balls proportion depends on the capacity of the ball mill and the fineness of the grinded raw materials

    Alumina ball recharge quantity
    Recharge quantity=Primary ball quantity x ball wear loss x grinded time (In the situation of dry grinding)
    Dry grinding is windely used in mining,ceramics industries,etc.SAINA technicians make lots of tests,eventually,we developed alumina balls performed well on dry grinding situation with much lower helps solve the problem of materials contamination.
    The proportion of the alumina ball for dry grinding depends on the hardness and fineness of the grinded raw material,generally speaking,CIP formed grinding ball used for dry grinding.

    Wear-loss testing method of alumina ball
    The merthod is the Chinese domestic testing method,put alumina ball samples into polyurethane jar,testing the wearloss on the unit
    Put 4kg alumina ball and 4L water into the grinding jar,put the jar into the testing machine,grinding 2h on the revolution of 80r/min.Take out the samples dry them and get weight M1.
    Put the above samples again into the jar,add 4L water,grinding 24h on the same revolution of 80r/min.
    Take out the samples,dry and get weight M2.
    D0 Testing the average diameter of the samples,get average diameter D 5.
    Wearloss calculation:
    EWT(%o)=KD(M1 -M2)/M 1
    Empiriocal formula:EWT(%0)=KD(M1-M2)/M 1/24/100 x 1000 x D

    Plastic Bag; Jumbo Bag; Steel drum packing for ceramic balls


    A. Mainly used in different types of ceramic, enamel, glass, thick hard material of chemical plant finishing and deep processing. It is a grinding medium for fine-grinding equipment such as ball mills, jar mills and vibratory mills. Wear resistance is much better than ordinary ball stone or natural pebbles.

    B. Non-metallic mineral powders (such as zirconium silicate, kaolin, heavy calcium carbonate, etc.) and coatings, paints and other industries grinding and dispersing materials and the use of metal polishing, suitable for all types of grinding and polishing equipment.

    C. Filling in the rubber when pouring can increase the wear coefficient

    D. High temperature resistant, can be used as the ball which under the pushed slab kiln

    E. High strength, high hardness can be used for polishing

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