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Binding machine

    Binding speed: punching ≤11 seconds, punching and binding for about 30 seconds

    Binding thickness: 1-50 mm

    Warm-up time: 2-3 minutes

Product Detail

It is a classic automatic binding machine. After years of technical upgrades and structural optimization, this equipment has abandoned the cumbersome decoration, Make the whole machine more concise, easy to operate, safe and reliable, economical and practical. Widely used in banking, industry and commerce, taxation, etc. The standard binding of financial books and documents of mining enterprises and institutions has a beautiful appearance and has been fully recognized by the market. To the not being conceived so that a unit of load have to situate in a determinate location, gives an enormous versatility, since any unit of load, independently of his size, can situate in the place that wish along the shelf. This for example allows to situate a pallet European at the side of another of 1 m x 1m and beside another of 3 m x 1,2 meters, since this type of shelving has the quality of not having freamers separadores.

  • Binding speed: punching ≤11 seconds, punching and binding for about 30 seconds.

    Binding thickness: 1-50 mm

    Warm-up time: 2-3 minutes.

    Drill specifications: Φ7×50 mm (special material, hollow drill bit).

    Table size: 440 × 200 mm (length × width).

    Working noise: ≤70dB.

    Working power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz.

    Average power: ≤350 watts.

  • 1.Manual binding machine

    2.Semi-automatic binding machine

    3.Electric pressure riveting (automatic) binding machine

    4.Automatic binding machine.

  • 1.Banks



Packaging of Binding machine:

Package method: 

1.PE bag - Foam Cotton- Cartons on Pallet

2.PE bag- Foam Cotton - Wooden Cases

3. Customized.

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