Material: MPP


    Color: Orange


    Length: 6 meters or customized


    Characteristic: Resistance to external pressure and high temperature

Product Detail

Technical Information of MPP Pipe:


After digging the direct buried cable trench, first lay a sand cushion on the bottom of the trench and remove the debris in the trench before laying the cable.

After the cable is laid, sand should be filled immediately, and a layer of brick or concrete slab should be placed on the cable to protect the cable, and then backfill.


In addition to the construction of directly buried cable protection pipes, its protection is also a more important step. It directly determines the later performance of the cable pipe and the service life of the cable pipe. Generally, after the cable is laid, use fine soil or Fine sand, cover the cable tube by 100-150mm, cover the upper part with brick or cement, stagger the gap between the upper and lower layers, and then fill it with soil and ram.


Familiar with the above two laying items, then when the cable protection pipe is constructed underground, the work efficiency can be reduced by half.


Attentions during the construction:


1) It is strictly forbidden to throw, hit, score, or expose the pipes randomly during transportation and construction. 

2) The axis of the two pipes should be aligned during the hot melt butt joint, and the end face should be cut vertically and flat. 

3) Processing temperature, time, pressure, and weather conditions are adjusted accordingly.

4) The minimum bending radius of the pipe should be ≥75 pipe outer diameter.


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