Electrical Cable

PVC Insulation Cable

    Voltage: AC 450 / 750V


    Cross Section (mm²):

    Single Core: 0.5~400

    Multicore: 2*0.75~5*35

    Insulation: PVC

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading PVC insulation cable supplier and manufacturer.

PVC insulation Cable is applicable to AC power equipment which voltage maximum 450/750V, daily electrical appliances, instruments and telecommunications. Which have a sheath color of red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, double color (yellow, green) and brown. It is acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, moisture-proof and mildew resistant.

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  • Standard:


    JB/T 8734-2012

    IEC 60227-1997

    IEC 227-1979


    BV: Copper core PVC insulation power cable

    BLV: Aluminum core PVC insulation power cable

    BVR: Copper core PVC insulation flexible power cable

    BVV: Copper core PVC insulation PVC sheath round insulation power cable

    BVVB: Copper core PVC insulation PVC sheath parallel insulation power cable

    BLVVB: Aluminum core PVC insulation PVC sheath parallel insulation power cable

  • 1. The finished insulated wire and finished wire can withstand the AC voltage test specified in table 1.1.8 after being placed in room temperature water at 20 ± 5 ℃ for at least 1H.

    2. The wire has good electrical insulation, mechanical properties and non combustible properties, reliable quality, convenient and durable.

    3. The insulation or sheath surface of the finished wire shall be provided with a continuous mark of the manufacturer's name, model and voltage.

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