Y2 series Compact Structure High Voltage motor

    Products Name: Y2 series Compact Structure High Voltage Motor 

    Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

    Brand Name: SMC

Product Detail
Products Name: Y2 series Compact Structure High Voltage Motor 
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: SMC
Certification: ISO, IEC
Payment: L /C, T/T


Y2 series Compact Structure High Voltage Motor is our company’s new product which we adopting internationally advanced technologies and using new materials and draft. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low vibration, low noise, easy-maintain, beautiful appearance, and lower weight. It is a perfect replacement product of YKK series. The dimensions and the power level can meet the standard IEC72、JB/T10444-2004.
The performance and mounting dimensions meet the National standard GB755 and IEC standards. Our company was certified ISO9001-2000,the whole operation including ordering, R&D, manufacturing, sales and service is in the line of ISO9001
The protect degree is according to GB/T4942.1-2001,it is IP55, Other IP degree is on request
The cooling is according to GB/T1993-1993 and IEC60034-5,it is IC41,other cooling is on request.
The demisions is according to  GB/T997-2003 and IEC60034-7 .

Also Frame size 630 can manufacture in IC411.

Meaning of the Name

The frame of this series is casting iron,it has two independent cooling system,one is the cooling by the outside fan, the other is cooling by the inner fan. 2Poles motor use a separate axial fan,so the rotation should specified.4-8Poles motor it can be both side rotation because of the centrifugal fan
The rotor use cooper rotor and by high precision balancing.
The bearing structure: Ball bearing structure: it has bearings,a ball and roller bearing on drive end, a roller bearing on Non-drive end. The roller bearing can bear the radial force,and ball bearing can fixed position,also can get the axial force
The mail terminal box is located on the top,right and left is also on request

(6KV) Mounting and outline dimensions


(6KV) Technical specifications


(10KV) Mounting and overall dimensions


(10KV) Technical specification


Degrees of protection (IEC600034-5)


The motors are applicable to drive various types of universal machines, such as compressors, wind machines, pumps and crushers and other mechanical equipment. Also widely used in petrochemical industries, chemical plant, medicine factory, mining and power plant, medicine factory, mining and power plants as prime movers in other abominable condition


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