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Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading expansion flood control bag manufacturer and supplier.

Water absorption expansion bag, also known as the expansion of flood control bag, flood control sack, is a convenient storage, use simple and fast waterproof new products, convenient and simple to use.The outer bag is made of linen or cotton material with better water permeability, and the inner bag is made of special absorbent material.Flood control works in the past the rescue in the slow, difficult, by seeding, the phenomenon of high investment and the effect is not obvious, caused great losses to the flood control works. To solve the above problems, with the features of simple operation, easy to carry and treat water expansion speed, weight increase speed fast flood-prevention special swell bags, can be widely used in flood control, emergency rescue, levee, overflowing QiangHu, flood control of temporary dam heightening, the construction of the temporary waterproof wall impingement, slope protection project closure, drainage and dark hole jam and so on.

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  • 1. Bag material: natural linen

    2. Inner material: non-woven absorbent resin

    3. Weight before water absorption: 0.42 kg

    4. Weight after water absorption: 20 kg ±5%

    5. Expansion time: 3-5 minutes

  • 1.Small size, light weight, easy to store and transport

    2.Non-toxic, harmless, tasteless and pollution-free

    3.Naturally degradable

  • 1. Flood control, emergency rescue, temporary elevation of flood embankments

    2. Storeroom, courtyard, ditch and pond, flooded farmland drainage

    3. The use of flood-prone factories, tunnels, underground parking lots

    4. Road construction, bridge construction at construction sites

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