Material: Muscovite paper, Phlogopite paper

    Tube ID: 3-300mm

    Wall thickness: 2-20mm

    Color: Silver, Golden, Black, White

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is one of the leading manufactures and suppliers of mica tube in China.

Mica tube is a hard tubular insulating material made of high-quality muscovite paper or phlogopite paper combined with appropriate high-performance silicone glue by bonding, winding and baking. It has good electrical insulation performance and high mechanical strength. It is suitable for high-temperature insulation of electrode rods or outlet sleeves in high-temperature electric furnaces such as steel and metallurgy, as well as various electrical appliances, motors, electric smelting furnaces and other equipment. Compared with the traditional ceramic tube, it has the characteristics of easy control of wall thickness and ovality, uniform discharge and not easy to break. It is an ideal substitute for some ceramic tubes.

We can provide not only mica tube, but also mica sheet, mica tape, mica roll, mica paper and mica parts. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact, we will apply within 24 hours.

  • • Length: 10-1000mm

    • Rated Voltage: >15KV

    • Temperature Resistance: 500℃ & 800°C

    • Type: Insulation Sleeving

    • Tensile Strength: 10Mpa

    • Application: High temperature & High voltage

Packaging of Mica Tube:


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