Material: PVC-U


    Color: White


    Length: 6 meters or customized


    Characteristic: Excellent insulation, flame retardant and impact resistance.

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading PVC-U honeycomb pipe manufacturer and supplier.

Take PVC resin as the main raw material, add appropriate amount of stabilizers, lubricants, flame retardants, processing modifiers and impact modifiers, etc., through kneading and extrusion. PVC-U honeycomb tube is a new type of buried communication cable sheath, which adopts an integrated porous structure, which is convenient for the penetration, isolation and protection of optical cables.

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Technical information of Honeycomb Pipe:


1. When the honeycomb pipe is used for burying, if there is no special (soft soil) condition, the bottom of the ditch for laying the pipe does not need to be used as a foundation or encapsulation. After the pipe is laid, the backfill can be opened to traffic.  

2. Lay 2 or more honeycomb pipes at the bottom of the same ditch. When the pipes are placed at the bottom of the ditch, tie two 3.0 iron wires at the joint and 1/2 of the length of the pipe to make the pipes neatly arranged before backfilling. Prevent sand and stone from entering the pipe.

3. When the optical cable is laid to cross the highway, after arranging the pipes neatly at the bottom of the trench dug according to the design depth, first backfill about 20 cm of fine soil or sand and then fill the soil, taking care to prevent large hard objects from directly pressing on On the pipe.

4. In the project, the pipe and the pipe are connected by joints. First, apply PVC glue on the joints and then connect them with the joints to make the joints tightly joined. When connecting pipes of different specifications, they should be connected strictly according to the factory mark at the joint to avoid misalignment.

5. After each section of construction is completed, the temporarily unused pipe can be plugged with a plug to prevent sand and stone impurities from entering the pipe. During construction, the truncated pipe can be used in other road sections during construction, and connected and used according to the required length.

Comparison of PVC-U and PE honeycomb pipe:


PVC-U honeycomb pipe is lower in price than PE pipe. It has good aging resistance and high pressure resistance. It is also flexible, strong and anti-rodent. Since the price of PVC-U honeycomb pipe is lower than PE pipe with the high performance, PVC-U honeycomb pipe is preferred when choosing the plastic pipe.


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