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Carbon Corrugated Pipe

    Material: HDPE


    Color: Black


    Length: 6 meters or customized


    Characteristic: Good flexibility and Corrosion preventive

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Carbon corrugated pipe manufacturer and supplier.

Carbon corrugated pipe is a new type of power cable protection pipe produced by HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and carbon composite material extrusion molding and unique rotational molding technology.

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Technical Information of Carbon Corrugated Pipe:


1. Selection of pipe diameter

Choose according to cable outer diameter, allowable voltage, current and other engineering conditions.

2. Digging engineering trenches

According to the requirements of the relevant department, the width and depth of the trench shall be determined according to the number of cables to be laid. The distance between the tube and the trench is 50mm, and the distance between the tube and the tube is 30mm.

3. Laying

After the buried cable sheath is placed in the trench, in order to prevent it from being entangled or squeezed, it must be potted with cement. At the junction of the two protective sleeves, bricks and cement should be used to fix the sleeve head.

4. Paired

When connecting two buried cable sheaths, first screw the connector to one end to be taken over, then back to the other end to be taken over, and then wrap it with PVC sealing tape.

5. Backfill

After laying the buried cable sheath as required, backfill it with the original soil from the trench, and ram the backfill soil.


During the laying process, sand must be placed into the buried cable jacket.

Performance index of Carbon Corrugated Pipe


1. Press vertically to 40% of the outer diameter, unload immediately, and the sample will not break or delaminate.

2. Under the condition of temperature 0and height 1M, with a weight of 1Kg, impact 10 times, there should be no cracking more than 9 times.

3. The inner wall is uniform and smooth, and the permeable holes are evenly punched below 1/2 of the height of the trough, and the number of holes punched above 1/2 of the height of the trough is not more than 10% of the total.

4. the permeable area is 45cm2/M.

5. Longitudinal retraction rate 3.0%.

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