Water Supply

PEX Pipe

    Material: HDPE


    Color: Black mainly

    Length: 6 meters or customized


    Characteristic: Corrosion preventive and Energy saving.

Product Detail

Technical Information of PEX Pipe:


1.  Main Material

The main raw material for the production of PEX pipes is HDPE, as well as initiators, cross-linking agents, catalysts and other auxiliaries. Other modifiers can be added if there are special requirements.

2.  Production Process

Raw material pretreatment + auxiliary agent preparation → mixing → melt graft extrusion → pipe forming → crosslinking → inspection packaging → finished product.

3.  The role and purpose of additives

The cross-linking agent cracks the original linear molecular structure to form a graft material, and then forms a three-dimensional network structure. The role of antioxidants and color particles is to improve the corrosion resistance of PEX tubes, prevent long-term sunlight exposure from changing physical properties, and can resist long-term erosion of ultraviolet rays, thereby extending their service life.

Similarities and differences in performance of PEX pipe, PVC-U pipe and Aluminum-Plastic composite pipe:


In terms of performance, the three types of pipes have some differences in addition to the common features of non-corrosion, non-scaling, non-producing bacteria and easy installation:

a.  Excellent temperature resistance

The service temperature of PEX pipe is -70110, the service temperature of UPVC pipe is 545, and the service temperature of Aluminum-plastic composite pipe is -40+85.

b.  Anti-vibration performance

Because UPVC pipes are glued together, their anti-vibration performance is slightly inferior to that of aluminum-plastic composite pipes and PEX pipes.

c.  Service life

The service life of UPVC pipe and aluminum-plastic composite pipe is about 20-30 years, and that of PEX pipe is about 50 years.

d.  Chemical resistance

Due to its molecular structure, PEX tubes can transport a variety of chemical substances even at high temperatures without being corroded.

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