Processing Machine

Pipe Embossing Machine

    Diameter: 12 to 114mm


    Thickness: 0.2 to 1.5mm

Product Detail

Introduction of Pipe Embossing Machine: 

Pipe embossing machine, also known as flower tube machine, after many years of development and production of sharp industrial 

machinery with advanced third-generation flower tube, the aircraft superior performance, low noise, suitable for construction and 

decoration, lamps, furniture, lighting, sporting goods, metal processing industries, processed tables and chairs, foot of the bed, lamp 

posts, stair railing, fence rails, poles, golf clubs, baseball bat, fishing rods and other metal parts, mold in reasonable cooperation with 

the processing of tubes of different shapes. 

Features of Pipe Embossing Machine: 
1. Easy operation 
2. Good maintenance 
3. Wide wok range 
4. No special operation environment 
5. Stable performance 
6. Meet customers’ demand for a variety of different specifications of the mold.

The main technical parameters of Pipe Embossing Machine: 

Applications of Pipe Embossing Machine:

1. Stair railing, balcony, handrail, fence rails

2. Lamps, furniture, lighting fields

3. Processed tables and chairs, foot of the bed, lamp posts

4. Sporting goods, metal processing industries

5. Components of bicycle

6. Metal processing industries

7. Fishing rods

8. Decorative pipes 

Processing Materials of Pipe Embossing Machine: 

1. Iron pipe 

2. Stainless steel pipe 

3. Copper tube 

4. Aluminum tube 


Standard Accessories of Pipe Embossing Machine: 

1. Board 

2. Control box 

3. A set of moulds 


Special Accessories of Pipe Embossing Machine: 

1. PLC 

2. Semi-automatic feeding 

3. Automatic feeding 

4. Bin

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