Material: PPR

    Color: Mainly green

    Size: 20-160mm

    Feature: Recycled and Environment-friendly.

Technical Information of PPR Fittings:


Packaging of PPR Fittings:


Attenstion to detail:



1. PPR pipes and fittings are connected by hot melt, but they cannot be threaded directly on the pipes and fittings. When connecting with metal pipes, flange connections can be used. When connecting with water heaters, pipe fittings with metal inserts must be used. ;

2. In the process of hot-melt connection, you must use reliable hot-melt equipment, which can ensure the quality of welding;

3. When using special scissors to cut PPR pipe vertically, ensure that the cut is flat and free of burrs;

4. The welding parts of PPR pipes and fittings must be clean to prevent sand and dust from damaging the quality of the joints;

5. When inserting in welding, the equipment must be heated according to the specified time for pipes and fittings;

6. After the heating is completed, immediately take out the pipes and fittings and connect them. If you find that these two positions are wrong, then you can make corresponding adjustments in a certain time;

7. After the connection of the agent PPR pipes, you must hold the pipes and fittings with both hands to maintain sufficient cooling time. When the cooling reaches a certain level, you can let go and continue to install the pipes. The white PPR pipes should be colored on the wall or the ground after the connection is completed Paint the specific location of the pipeline to avoid damage to the pipe again.





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