Bending Machine

Section Bending Machines

    Max bending thickness: 8mm


    Suitable material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper


    Suitable form: strip, section structure, pipe

Introduction and applications of Section Bending Machines:

Section Bending Machines are also known by the names such as Profile Bending Machine, Three Roll Bender, Angle Roll Bending Machine, sometime even by names Tube Bending or Pipe Bending Machine; having applications in the following Industries for wide range of Curving or Bending operations.

Classifications of Section Bending Machines: 

1.Hydraulic Section Bending Machine 

2.Horizontal Section bender 

3.Vertical Section bender 


Specifications of Section Bending Machines: 

1. Construction: Our Section Bending Machine has been constructed in the form of a versatile pyramid type machine and is widely used in fabrication shops. It has two power driven rolls with fixed axes. The third roll is adjustable as to its distance from the fixed rolls. For easy operations, the third roll adjustment is power actuated and push button controlled.

2. Drive: The main drive to fixed axis rolls is through a high capacity gearbox. 

3. Frame: The main frame of our Section Bending Machine is an extremely robust and strong structure. It is properly designed with well-proportioned members and reinforcements. 

4.Controls: For easy operation and supervision, the electric control panel is mounted on the side of the machine. The standard electrical circuit consists of forward-reverse control. Bending motor controls roll travel, limiting switch and indicator lamps. A separate floor mounted control panel is available as per specific requirement. For bending very small or thin walled work piece a power driven adjustable roll is available upon request. 

5.Operation and maintenance: Our Section Bending Machines are of sturdy construction so they are very easy to maintain. Operation of the machine is simple and fast to help you achieve accurate coiling and bending with minimum effort.

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