Cutting Machine

Slitting Line

    Width: 100mm-2000mm  


    Thickness: 0.2mm-12mm  

Product Detail

SMC Equipment offers slitting lines of different designs to exactly suit the customer’s requirements of production capacity, high quality of slit product, automation level, flexibility of operations and budget. The slitting line machine can incorporate latest technical innovations for Slitter Heads.

  • Components of Slitting Line:

    1) Coil car

    2) Shear

    3) Loop table

    4) Uncoiler

    5) Side guide

    6) Tension station

  • 7) Hold down roll

    8) Slitter

    9) Separator

    10) Leveler

    11) Scrap winders

    12) Recoiler

Detailed Information of Slitting Line:

Advantages of Slitting Line: 

1)High production and flow rates by consequent minimization of set-up times and high production speed, e.g. automatic coil feeding via coil height centering automatic cutter and tool change on the slitting shear simple and ergonomically exchange of separating shafts automatic loop control automated and fast strip feeding from the slitting shear to the recoiler through the tension unit coil strapping at the circumference on the turnstile via manual, semi-automatic and automatic strapping systems. 

2)Precise cutting accuracy with the cutter shafts carried in multiple bearings. 

3)Cutting with little burr simultaneously performing a high number of cuts on the slitting shear with minimum deflection of the cutter shaft. 

4)High winding accuracy with increasing coil diameter by the movable tension unit for main operation without separating device at the recoiler. 

5)Gentle treatment of the high-sensitive surfaces such as lacquered strip or bright annealed stainless steel by special braking systems, coordinated to the material surface. 

6)High line availability and long lifetime by using exclusively components of prestigious manufacturers. 

7)Fewer operating personnel due to a very high level of automation. 

8)Prompt assistance in case of need by Online Teleservice per modern and at site by experts. 

9)Flexible design of the lines in accordance to customer requirements, utilizing customer experience. 

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