Forming Machine

Spiral Duct Forming Machine

    Width: 500mm to 1200mm


    Thickness: 0.13m to 2.0mm

Product Detail


The idea machine is suitable for making spiral tube, pipe, duct widely used in all kinds of industrial.
- Fully auto material feeding, forming, lubrication, cutting, tube loading
-Built with Mitsubishi PLC control panel and transformer, speed could
be adjusted.
-Spiral angle could be adjusted automatically. 
-With lubrication system, could lubricate automatically.
-Tension controlled by air pressure, auto brake.
-With air and hydraulic pressure system, save power.
-According to European standard, speed adjusted by pneumatic brake, which
Could be unanimous & synchronous
-With auto counting system and photoelectric tracking, pipe quantity could be counted.
-Adopt European advantage technical, speed can reach 80m/min.
-With ideal flying slitter, no noise and hot sparks, pipe end smooth and neat.
-Different mould to meeting respective request, just change mould to 
make various diameter.
-Complete with meter cutting length control, meter could be controlled and 
Calculated; when reach set meter, could slit automatically.
-Combination of both Western & Asian Technologies on complete production and control.
-Complete with all safety features, auto alarm and urgent stop.

Technical Parameter:


•  Special mould for various tube diameters, very easy to change and adjust, no need crane or too much manpower

•  Large diameter range

•  High speed synchronic flying cutting system

•  PLC control, convenient operation

•  Light and small, site work 

•  Perfect swage, without leakage



The Spiral Tubes are widely applied in the ventilation system.

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