Plastic Pipes and Pipe Fittings

Steel Plastic Composite Pipe

    Standard: GB/T 28897-2012

    Grade of Steel Pipe: Q235, Q345, GR.B, S235, S355, SS400

    Material of Plastic Layer: PE, PP, PVC, EP

    Specification: DN15-1200, Length 3m-12m

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Steel-Plastic Composite Pipe manufacturer and supplier.

Steel-Plastic Composite Pipe is a steel pipe based product with plastic anticorrosive coating on its inner or outer surface or inner and outer surface. It’s also known as Steel Pipes of Complex Plastic.

The steel plastic composite pipe is made of seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe. The inner wall is coated with high adhesion, anticorrosive, food grade hygienic polyethylene powder coating or epoxy resin coating. The water supply galvanized internal coated plastic composite steel pipe, which is made of pretreatment, preheating, internal coating, leveling and post-treatment processes, is an upgraded product of the traditional galvanized pipe. The steel plastic composite pipe is generally connected by thread, groove and flange.

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Technical Information of Steel Plastic Composite Pipe:

1. Processing method:

Steel-Plastic Composite Pipes are mainly divided into three categories: Steel Pipes of Lining Plastic, Coating Plastic Steel Pipe, and External Coating Plastic Steel Pipe.

Steel Pipes of Lining Plastic refers to the composite pipe lined with thin-walled plastic pipe on the inner wall of the steel pipe.

Coating Plastic Steel Pipe refers to the composite pipe which melts a layer of plastic powder inside or outside the steel pipe.

External Coating Plastic Steel Pipe refers to the composite pipe covered with plastic melt adhesive and melt plastic layer on the outer surface of steel pipe.

2. Production flow:

Steel pipe preparation→De-burring→Surface cleaning→Steel pipe & plastic pipe composite→Marking→Steel Pipes of Lining Plastic→Final production inspection→Packing and store up

Steel pipe preparation→De-burring→Surface cleaning→Heating→Vacuum coating→Solidification→Marking→Coating Plastic Steel Pipe→Final production inspection→Packing and store up

Packaging of Steel Plastic Composite Pipe:

1. Good corrosion resistance
The conveying liquid is completely and effectively isolated from the metal body, only in contact with epoxy or polyethylene coating, which has good corrosion resistance and prolongs the service life of the pipeline.

2. Excellent mechanical strength
The steel plastic composite pipe has the same excellent mechanical strength as the hot-dip galvanized steel pipe, which has a strong bearing on the impact, bending, pressure and strength.

3. Good hygienic performance
The plastic coating is made of food grade epoxy resin or polyethylene powder, which is non-toxic and tasteless, and its hygienic index conforms to the national standard for drinking water pipeline.

4. Low fluid resistance
The inner wall of the steel plastic composite pipe is smooth, the friction coefficient is small, the flow velocity is fast, the scale is not easy to accumulate, and the fluid resistance is small.
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