Electric Protection System

Distribution- CSC-831L Multifunction Feeder Management IED

Product Detail

CSC-831L Multifunction Feeder Management IED is suited for 380V or 100V distribution application, integrating protection, control, measurement and supervision. It can serve as protection / monitoring IED in distribution network, or work as dedicated measuring instrument as well.

Main protection functions in CSC-831L include under/over voltage protection, 3-stage overcurrent protection, earth fault protection, PT failure alarm, etc. It also provides monitoring and control functions with 10 binary inputs(BI), 6 binary outputs (BO), various measured or calculated analog inputs, a special 4~20mA DC transducer output, etc. 

3 stage over-current protection
Earth protection
Undervoltage protection
Overvoltage protection
VT failure alarm


* Adopt new generation general hardware and software platform and modular design, 32-bit embedded processor with powerful data processing ability.

* High EMC performance guarantees the stability of device operation.

* Provides Profibus-DP/RS485(Modbus) field-bus interfaces and perfect network construction solutions for users.

* Detailed failure events record as data information for operation optimization and fault analysis.

* Powerful fault analysis, overall fault and operation information recording of whole fault process and  harmonic wave analysis . The recorder can be initiated by motor starting.

* Convinient maintenance, with remote firmware upgrading, and remote setting inspection.

* Friendly Human Machine Interface, easy operation and detailed operation information.

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