Rare Metal(Indium,Nickel,Molybdenum,etc.)

High Resistance Electrothermal Alloy

    Grade:  NiCr 90/10, NiCr 80/20, NiCr70/30, NiCr60/15, NiCr30/20


    Shape:  Wire, Rod, Foil, Strip

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading nickel-chromium alloy wire and strip manufacturer and supplier.

Copper According to the content of chemical elements and the structure of the structure, Electric resistance and heating alloys can be divided into two categories: one is iron-chromium-aluminum alloy series, and the other is nickel-chromium alloy series, which have their own advantages as electro-heat materials. And These two types of alloys have different properties in terms of their structure. However, as electrothermal materials, they all have many advantages, and thus are widely produced and widely used in various countries. 

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  • 1) Alloy: NiCr 90/10, NiCr 80/20, NiCr70/30, NiCr60/15, NiCr30/20

    2) Wire: OD: 0.05mm - 8mm

    3) Rod: OD: 8mm - 100mm, L:  50mm - 1000mm

    4) Flat Strip: Thickness: 0.03mm - 2.9mm, Width: 0.4mm - 40mm

    5) Foil: Thickness: 0.05mm - 0.1mm, Width: 6mm - 120mm

    6) Strip: Thickness: 0.1mm - 3.0mm, Width: 8mm - 250mm

Ualloy104A (NiCr 35/20)

Ualloy104B (NiCr 30/20)

Ualloy109 (NiCr 80/20)

Ualloy112 (NiCr 60/15)

Ualloy118 (NiCr 70/30)

Chemical Components:

Mechanical Property:

 Physical Properties:

Resistance temperature factor (correction factor):

Form and specifications:

Packaging of High Resistance Electrothermal Alloy

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1) Shanghai Metal Standard

2) Customization

Applications of High Resistance Electrothermal Alloy:

Widely used in metallurgy, household appliances, machinery manufacturing and other heating components and electrical industry as resistance materials.

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