Rock wool capacity: 60~140kg/m

    Thickness: 50-100mm

Product Detail
Polymer insulation is filled between 2 pieces metal sheet for fire protection and sound proof.

Used in large industrial warehouse,stadium,supermarket, could chamber, multi functional house, construction house, clean workshop which needs heat isolation and fire protection, good appearance and beautiful color attracts, can load heavily, heat isolation and fire protection and water resistant, it does not need secondly decoration, can installed fast and short constuction time. It is a widely used, high potential and environmental building material.

Phenolic foam plastic raw materials are abundant in source, low in price, simple in production and processing, and widely used in products. It is suitable for large cold storage, storage tanks, ships and various insulation pipes and construction industries. If it is used in factories, mines and machinery with strict fire protection requirements, it can highlight its characteristics of flame retardance, low smoke and high temperature resistance. Such as: steam, warships, trains, armored vehicles, insulation, as well as paper, chemical, pharmaceutical and other aspects.
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0.3~0.8mm galvanized or galvalume color steel / EG or Hot dipped galvanized steel / stainless steel plate/ Al Mg Mn alloy color sheet
core material
(mineral) rock wool capacity :60~140kg/m thickness:50-100mm
Side seal steel strip or non-Side seal steel strip
0.3mm~0.6mm galvanized steel sheet
Tongued and grooved effective width 
950mm、1150mm;thickness: 50mm~100mm;length:ramdom
sheet surface protection form"
PVC coated or no



1. Fire protection and sound proof

2. Water and mist resistant

3. Light weight, environmental and easily installation

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