Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Foil Bag

    Common Package: PET/NY/AL/PE

    High Temperature Retortable Pouch: PET/NY/AL/CPP

    Thickness: 70~200μm

    Can be printed

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading aluminum foil bag manufacturer and supplier.

The aluminum foil bag is made of a variety of plastic film composites and then combined by a bag making machine for packaging food, pharmaceutical industrial products, daily necessities, and the like. Aluminum foil bag usually refers to aluminum-plastic composite vacuum packaging bags. It is suitable for moisture-proof, light-proof and vacuum packaging of large-scale precision machinery and equipment, chemical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates. It adopts four-layer structure and has good water-proof and oxygen-blocking functions. Unrestricted, you can customize the bags of different specifications and styles, which can be made into flat pockets, three-dimensional bags, organ bags and other styles. Products need to be tested by GB and ASTM standards, products meet environmental requirements (a third-party test report is available), and the products meet the most stringent environmental standards for packaging materials in the EU and North America.

If you want to know more about our aluminum foil bag, aluminum foil for flexible packaging, pharmaceutical aluminum foil, please feel free to contact us. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

Specifications of Aluminum Foil Bag:

Aluminum foil bag has a three layer construction consisting of PET/AL/LLDPE and coupled with high barrier characteristics, ensures that your product will experience extended shelf life. Zip closures and tear notches are available on each of these stand up pouches giving them a resealable feature that is a valuable marketing tool. 

1) Material: PET+AL+LLDPE

2) Thickness: 0.07mm - 0.20mm, or per customer's request

3) Bag Size: per customer's request

4) Printing: Bare printing/ Up to 10 colors print

5) Certificate: ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, QS

6) Material Report: SGS, MSDS

If you are interested in our products , please kindly let me know the thickness, printing colors, lamination requirement, bag type, and other details.Or you can also contact us to discuss about your idea, our professional teams will turn your idea in to reality with the best service at the fastest speed.

Packaging of Aluminum Foil Bag

Shanghai Metal Products are packed and labeled according to the regulations and customer's requests. Great care is taken to avoid any damage which might be caused during storage or transportation. In addition, clear labels are tagged on the outside of the packages for easy identification of the product I. D. and quality information.

1) Shanghai Metal Standard

2) Customization

Aluminum foil bag packaging usually refers to aluminum-plastic composite vacuum packaging bags. Such products are suitable for moisture-proof, light-proof and vacuum packaging of large precision machinery and equipment, chemical raw materials, and pharmaceutical intermediates. Most of the four-layer structure has good water and oxygen barrier functions. Unrestricted, can be customized according to different specifications and styles of packaging bags, can be made into flat bags, three-dimensional bags, organ bags and other styles. The product needs to be tested by GB and ASTM standards. The product meets environmental protection requirements (third-party test reports can be provided). The product meets the strictest environmental protection standards for packaging materials in the European Union and North America. Material structure: Three-layer aluminum foil bag PET / AL / CPE Four-layer aluminum foil bag PET / AL / NY / CPE, technical parameters: Thickness 7-20 wire, water vapor transmission volume ≤0.006g / m • 24h (40 ℃ • 90% RH), oxygen permeability≤0.024ml / (m • 24h. • 0.1mPa), composite strength> 25 Newtons / 15mm, edge strength> 35 Newtons / 15mm, puncture strength> 24 lbs, heat sealing temperature 150 ℃ ± 10 ℃ T.

Aluminum foil bags are also called pure aluminum bags.

Common materials: PET / AL / PE PET / NY / AL / PE PET / NY / AL / CPP

Thickness: 70 ~ 200 microns Bag shape: Three-side seal, self-supporting zipper bag, yin and yang bag.

Features: PET- biaxially stretched polyester film, NY- biaxially stretched polyamide film, AL- aluminum foil, PE- polyethylene (collectively, there are 5 different categories), CPE- cast polypropylene film.

Aluminum foil bags (anti-static aluminum foil bags, aluminum foil packaging bags), product characteristics Appearance: opaque, silvery white, reflective, with good barrier properties, heat sealability, optical rotation resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, oil resistance, Fragrance retention; non-toxic and tasteless; softness and other characteristics. Product structure: PET / AL / PET / PE. Products with different composite materials and thicknesses can be customized according to requirements. Storage environment temperature≤38 ℃, humidity≤90%.

Scope of application:

(1) Suitable for packaging of various circuit boards, electronic products, precision mechanical parts, consumer goods, industrial products, etc. For example: PC boards, IC integrated circuits, electronic components, SMT patches for various LED industries, light bar packaging, precision hardware, auto parts and other packaging.


(2) Food packaging: milk, rice, meat products, dried fish, aquatic products, bacon, roasted duck, roast chicken, roasted pork, frozen food, ham, cured meat products, sausages, cooked meat products, pickles, bean paste, Preservation of fragrance, quality, flavor and color.


Applications of Aluminum Foil Bag:

1) Cosmetic packing 

2) Mask packing 

3) Toys packing 

4) Food packing 

5) Seeds packing

6) Tea bag

7) Swimmingsuit packing

8) Earphone packing

9) Play card packing

10) Potpourri packing

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