Brass Bolt

    Type: Brass Hex Bolt, Brass Carriage Bolt, Brass Coupling Bolt, etc.


    Minimum Order Quantity: 50,000 pieces


    FOB Price: USD 25-55 per thousand pieces

1.Types, Standards, Sizes and Grades of Brass Bolt:

*We also have other different types and standards of Brass Bolts.
2. Packaging Information: All bolts and nuts are packed by the packaging box (dimension: 260mm x 260mm x 140mm).
3.Advantages of using Brass Bolts instead of others:
*Decorative finish
*Cost less than stainless steel bolts
*won't rust or corrode when exposed to moisture or chemicals
*less vulnerable to gasoline and other corrosive materials.
4.Brass Bolts are typically used to maximize the performance over time in place using a nut, and a washer is used under the head of the bolt.

DIN 6921 Flange Bolt Dimension:

Standard: DIN 6921                         Unit:mm

DIN 603 Carriage Bolt Dimension:

Standard: DIN 603                         Unit:mm

DIN 444 Eye Bolt Dimension: 

Standard: DIN 444                                        Unit:mm

DIN 529 Anchor Bolt Dimension:

Standard:DIN 529                               Unit:mm

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