Composition: 80% ~ 90% copper, and the rest is titanium

    Resistivity(μ Ω/Cm/20°C):132-172 nΩ m(@20℃)

    Temperature coefficient range: 20 - 300 ℃

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Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Copper Titanium alloy strip supplier and manufacturer.

Titanium copper is a kind of environmental protection material with high reliability and high performance, especially in the final stage of alloy manufacturing process. This effect is like calendering again, which makes the material more hardness and strength, and increases the conductivity and elongation, which complement the thin trend of electronic materials.

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  • 1. Composition: 80% ~ 90% copper, and the rest is titanium

    2. Resistivity(μ Ω/Cm/20°C):132-172 nΩ m(@20℃)

    3. Temperature coefficient range: 20 - 300 ℃

    4. Tensile strength: 785 – 1030 MPa

    5. Density: 8.70 g / cm³


  • 1. High mechanical strength and good formability

    2. It has higher conductivity than ordinary titanium alloy

    3. Better stress release characteristics

  • 1. Switch

    2. Connector

    3. Relay

    4. Battery terminals

    5. Socket

    6. And other electronic parts

    7. It can be used as a substitute for beryllium copper

  • 1. Tensile strength test

    2. Low-power test

    3. Hardness test

    4. Chemical composition testing

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