D125 Flat Washer

     Standard: DIN125


     Material: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel,Brass, Aluminum etc.


     Minimum Order: 50,000 pieces


     FOB Price: USD 20-50 per thousand pieces

Specifications of Din125 Flat Washers:
1 Standard: DIN
2 Size: M3–M76
3 Material:
   1) Carbon Steel
   2) Alloy Steel
   3) Stainless Steel
   4) Brass
   5) Aluminum
4 Type:
   Flat washers(plain washer,IFI,ASTM)
5 Working process include: Cold punching, and machining, also CNC machine, can do OEM order

Features of Din125 Flat Washers:

1) Surface Condition: remove all burs and sharp edges

2) For non-standard parts, samples or drawings are avaliable for us

3) Working Process Include: cold punching, machining, CNC machine


Finish of Din125 Flat Washers:

1) Zinc Clear

2) Zinc Yellow

3) Black

4) Nickel-plating

5) Tin-plating

6) Chrome- plating

7) Dacromet

8) Mechanical Galvanizing

9) Hot-dip Galvanizing


Applications of Din125 Flat Washers:

1) Agri machines

2) Automobiles

3) Earth-movers

4) Railways

5) Trailers

6) Bearings

7) Gear boxes

8) Motors

9) Textile machines

10)Heavy vehicles

11)Diesel sets


Packaging of Din125 Flat Washers:

Carton,Box, Bag, Pallet or according to your request 

Our popular products of Din125 Flat Washers: 

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