Steel Bridge

Diagonal Span Arch Bridge

    1. Highest national qualification--Grade One Steel Structure Engineering Professional Contractors

    2. Able to undertake all kinds of steel structure projects without limitation in span, contract sum, construction area or total weight of construction

    3. Obtained the Construction Design Qualification


    4. Experienced in overseas project

    5. Co-development with University Lab

    6. 85000㎡ workshop, about 3000 workers to ensure delivery time

Product Detail

Other Characteristics of Diagonal Span Bridge:

1. The foundation of abutment is applied with a reinforced concrete structure as well as C30 concrete. When abutment and abutment pile caps construction are pouring concrete, effective measures need to be taken so to lower the hydration heat. 

2. The Abutment Pile styled abutment, of which the foundational design of the pile is based on that of a friction pile, can be built by the technique of hole drilling perfusion and hole digging. 

3. Hefei City is an important city at the Yangtze River Delta and even in the whole county of China. Furthermore, the Hefei Xinqiao International Airport highway is a key infrastructure project in the Anhui Province. 


Advantages and features of steel bridges:

- Made of special mode steel 

- Make of the best of space, increasing store capability 

- High safety factor 

- Easy to disassemble and install 

- Can be made according to the need of the customers - Multi-purpose

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