Drywall Screw

    Minimum Order: 50,000 pieces


    FOB Price: USD 20-50/ thousand pieces

Specifications of Drywall Screw:

1. Material: carbon steel 1022,etc
2. Surface treatment: phosphate (black, grey), galvanized (blue, white, color), black oxide
3. Diameter:3.5-6.3mm
4. Length: 13 - 160mm
5. Thread: Fine thread, coarse thread
6. Point: Sharp point, drilling point
7. Head: Pan framing head, bugle head

Our Advantages of Drywall Screws:
1. High hardness 
2. High and low temperature resistant 
3. Multicolor choose 
4. Competitive Price 
5. Superior Quality, TUV CERT ISO9001:2000 quality assurance 
6. Artificial stone without any radiation 
7. Punctual Delivery 
8. Supply wooden pallet 
9. Meet different market’s need: America, Europe, Asia, and so on. 
10.Widely used in wood furniture, construction and so on

Here is our Drywall Screw: 


Screws are generally made from low to medium carbon steel wire, but other tough and inexpensive metals may be substituted, such as stainless steel, brass, nickel alloys, or aluminum alloy.

Packing Standards of Drywall Screw:

Usage of Drywall Screw:

Drywall screws do much less damage to wood and are easier to remove and even be reused. More and more drywall screws are widely used in wood, instead of wood screw, metal, all kinds of board.

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