Wall System

Fiberglass Square Grid Fabric (Alkali Free)

    Standard: JC/T 170-2012


    Grade: EWR200G - EWR800G


    Color: Customized

Specification of Fiberglass Square Grid Fabric (Alkali Free):

Standard: JC/T 170-2012 

Grade: EWR200G - EWR800G
Width: 1m-2m
Weight: 200-1000 g/m2
Roll size: 50m/coil or 100m/coil
Mesh Size: 4mmX4mm, 5mmX5mm, 10mmX10mm
Weave Type: Plain Woven
Yarn Type: E-Glass
Alkali Content: Alkali Free
Standing Temperature: 700 degrees
Surface treatment: Glue-coated
Color: Customized

Technical information of Fiberglass Square Grid Fabric (Alkali Free):

1. Processing method: Raw Materials - Melting - Forming into fibers - Continuous-filament process - Staple-fiber process - Chopped fiber - Glass wool - Protective coatings - Forming into shapes

2. Production flow chart:

Packing of Fiberglass Square Grid Fabric (Alkali Free):

1. Shrinkable film inside, strong plastic bag outside. 

2. Shrinkable film inside, Weaving plastic bags outside. 

3. Shrinkable film inside, strong plastic bag outside, carton box. 

4. Shrinkable film inside, strong plastic bag outside, carton box ,wood pallet.



1. Wall reinforced material in the tensile stength.

2. Reinforced cement products.

3. Used for Granite, mosaic, marble back mesh etc.

4. Waterproof membrane fabric, asphalt roofing.



1. Glass fiber is a very good alternative to metal materials, with the rapid development of market economy, glass fiber will be essential raw materials in the construction, transportation, electronics, electrical, chemical, metallurgy, environmental protection, defense and other industries. 

2. Light weight and Wide use in the electronics industry, automobile industry, construction industry.



1. Resistant to chemical corrosion, fire, flame retardant, waterproof, anti-aging, weather resistance, high modulus

2. Alkaline-resistant, High tensile strength


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