Flange Bolt

    Grades: 4.8, 8.8, 2, 5


    Sizes: M5-M20


    Minimum Order Quantity: 50,000 pieces


    FOB Price: USD 25-55 per thousand pieces

1.Specification of Flange Bolt:

2.Materials of Flange Bolts we can produce: 

Stainless, Aluminum, Carbon Steel,Brass,Alloy Steel,Nylon,Silicon,Bronze,etc. 

3.Surface Treatments of Bolts we can provide: 

Yellow zinc plated, White zinc plated, Hot dip galvanized, Nickel plated, Polished, etc. 

4. Application of Flange Bolt: 

1) Automotive Application:The flange bolt is widely used for automotive applications. The improved strength of a unified fastener, as compared with a separate bolt and washer, works well for the demands of automotive junctions.  

2) Hard-to-Reach Application: Whenever you'll be working in a dark, cramped or difficult-to-access location, save frustration and time by minimizing the number of materials and tools.

Here is an example of DIN6921 Flange Bolt Dimension:

Here is an example of IFI C-28 Flange Bolt Dimension:

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