Other Stainless Steel

Grinding Filament

    Abrasive: Silicon carbide, Ceramic, Diamond, Alumina, Zirconia, Cerium Oxide

    Substrate: N612/N610/N6/N66

    Particle size: 16#-6000#

    Specifications: 0.08-3.0mm

Product Detail

Abrasive filament, refers to the addition of silicon carbide (SIC) or alumina (AO) and other abrasive nylon filament, as a new type of brush material, is currently mostly used in the processing of polishing brush, grinding brush and so on.The following will mainly introduce silicon carbide grinding filament.

Silicon carbide abrasive filament is a new type of abrasive material, is the combination of carbon and silicon made of new structural materials, with unique characteristics, can better meet the needs of various mechanical cutting processing. It has good wear resistance and is suitable for higher cutting temperatures, which can significantly improve the cutting energy efficiency in the grinding process. It has good stability, can maintain the structure firmly, its size and shape stability is better than other abrasives, and the grinding effect is longer. Secondly, silicon carbide abrasive filament has high physical thermal conductivity. The silicon carbide abrasive filament conducts heat better than conventional abrasive and can dissipate heat more effectively, reducing the risk of reducing the surface quality of the workpiece caused by higher cutting temperatures during material processing, thereby improving accuracy. In addition, silicon carbide abrasive filament has good chemical stability.

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1)Shanghai Metal Standard.


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