Steel Profile

High-Voltage Electrical Grid

    Power Capacity: 10kV to 220kV

    Joint of Poles: Slip joint, flanged connected

    Thickness: 1 mm to 36mm

Product Detail

Project Planning and Development

Shanghai Metal Building System is a specialist in design-build construction. We not only help you design your project plan, but also promote better coordination between the design architects and construction team to get faster construction and better quality. Meanwhile, we also provide budget pricing to help you reduce costs.

We have also worked with clients who have already commissioned the services of architects. We can coordinate with your architects and build the most cost-effective building solution.


Building Shell Supply and Erection Services

We provide multiple services including building design, material procurement, building erection and concrete on large industrial, commercial and government facilities. Our complete one stop shop not only save our customer time from outsourcing, but also save them the cost of dealing with handful of separate shops and deadlines. In addition, as self-performing the erection and concrete capabilities, our Shanghai Metal building system can lower your risk and worry about all the components of your facility fitting together.


Building Engineering and Field Supervision

Shanghai Metal Building System has its own top-of-the-line equipment and engineering staff support, knowledge in both pre-engineered and conventional construction. You can trust our team of certified welders and ironworks to live up to our reputation for getting the job done right.

Our highly qualified and experienced field superintendent works as a partner with the Project Manager and to be his eyes and ears on-site, and ensures the highest quality at every stage.

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Parameter for High-Voltage Electrical Grid:

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