Metallurgy Solutions

Power Factor Implement

    Guarantee power factor: 0.95 to 1.0


Long-distance power transmission

Stabilization of weak system voltage 

Reduced transmission loss

Increased transmission capacity, make the existing power grid play maximum efficiency 

Increased transient steady limit

Increased damping under small interference 

Better voltage control and stability 

Less power flunctuation 

Secondary substation in city (66/110kv)

In regional power grids, the reactive power compensation of the system and improved power factor commonly achieved by TSC, which can only provide captive reactive power to the system, but can not achieve rapid and precise regulation along with the change of load. At the same time to ensure power factor of bus, it is easy to cause inverted sending reactive power to the system, raise the bus voltage, endanger electrical equipment and stability of the system. The SVG system of Shanghai Metal can quickly and accurately make capacitive and inductive reactive power compensation, when SVG stabilize bus voltage and improve the power factor, at the same time, it thoroughly, easily solves the problem of inverted sending reactive power. 

Hoist, and other heavy loads

Hoist, and other heavy loads will cause the following impacts to the power grid at work:

Cause voltage level drop and voltage fluctuation in the power grid. 

Power factor is low. 

Transmission device will cause harmful high harmonic.

Above problems can be solved perfectly after installation of SVG of Shanghai Metal.


Solve the following problem for factories:

•Large voltage fluctuation

•Low power factor is lower

•Serious voltage flicker

•High-order harmonics, leading to voltage distortion

•Serious three-phase unbalance of the grid results negative sequence current

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