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Radial Truck Tyre

    Grade: R128, R288, M828, M858

Product Detail

The radial tire is a kind of structural form of the tire, which is different from the bias tire, the arched tire, the pressure regulating tire, etc.. 

The international code of radial tire is "R", commonly known as "steel tire".

1. The matrix: most of the single steel cord form (or rayon, nylon, aramid fiber, etc.)
2. O belt: 3-4 layer composed of steel cord
3. The shoulder pad: matrix and belt between the middle layer
4. The bead: steel wire ring, upper and lower triangular rubber core, wire - reinforced layer and bead rubber components
5. The tread of upper and lower rubber tread: Rubber
6. The sidewall

R128, R288, M828, M858

Tread pattern:
Longitudinal pattern, Coutils, Claw pattern, Paddy pattern, Forklift pattern, Engineering pattern


- With super driving and braking performance

- High wear-resistance and low heat generation

- Powerful gripping ability and wet skid resistance, low running noise

- Reducing mechanical loss of vehicle

- Suitable for highway  and common way



truck & bus

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