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Rubber Joints & Bearing

    Certification: ISO9001


    Size: 200mm~1900mm wide


    Material: Natural rubber, neoprene, steel

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a professional manufacturer and supplier of Rubber Joints/ Bearing with high quality.

Rubber Expansion joints have a framework, bolted assembly segments, each 1m ( other sizes can be made), and the junction with the deed mouth-groove. Internal stiffening plate to make such joint can withstand the load of various vehicles, with some vertical stiffness. Since rubber incompressibility, rubber plate specially shaped groove prevents telescopic joints swell up when compressed, which is strong against to surface oil, grease, oil, chemicals, resistant to UV rays, snow and salt.

The isolated rubber bearing is made up of a combination of multi-layer rubber and multi-layer steel plate or other materials. It is a device with large vertical bearing capacity, small horizontal stiffness and large horizontal lateral displacement allowable value. It can resolve horizontal earthquakes and withstand vertical earthquakes, and is suitable for isolation of houses, bridges, highways, equipment, etc. Eight characteristics of the isolated rubber bearing.

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