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Stainless Steel Ball

    Standard: AISI, ASTM, DIN, EN, GB, JIS

    Material: 440C/420 /304/316L/201

    Size: 0.3mm-60mm

    Application: bearing,machine and so on

Product Detail

Stainless steel balls are usually steel balls produced by stainless steel forging process. All Shanghai Metal processes and policies are designed for maximum quality. Every ball passes through exacting inspections that automatically detect and remove off-spec balls.It is widely used for Balls & roller bearings, Linear monition, Automotive components, Balls lead screws, Grinding media, Gardening and household sprayers, Perfume miniature pumps, etc.

  • Size: 0.35mm- 50.8mm;

    Grade : G10-G200;

    Hardness: HRC56-58;

    Magnetic: Martensitic steel, magnetic;

    Features: high precision, good corrosion resistance, strong rust and wear resistance;

    Comparison: 440C stainless steel ball is more anti-rust and anti-corrosive than 440 stainless steel ball. The frictional resistance is enhancing while the hardness is increasing;

    Applications: Precision bearings, anti-friction bearings, special valves, conveyor belts and rollers, ballpoint pens. They are used in foodstuff, medical instruments, quick couplings, recirculating ball bearings, knotting devices, oil refinery devices.

  • Size: 0.35mm- 50.8mm;

    Grade : G10-G200;

    Hardness: HRC51-53;

    Magnetic: Martensitic steel, magnetic;

    Features:Commonly known as stainless iron,  good corrosion resistance and toughness;

    Applications: Special bearings, anti-friction bearings, special pumps, recirculating balls, lighters, pens, automotive seat belts & components.

  • Size: 0.5mm- 63.5mm;

    Grade : G80-G500;

    Hardness: ≤HRC21;

    Magnetic: Austenitic steel, non-magnetic;

    Features: strong rust resistance, good corrosion resistance;

    Applications: Special bearings and pumps, aerosol pumps, gardening and household sprayers, perfume miniature pumps, seams, medical application valves, agricultural backpack sprayers. They are used in foodstuff, aerospace and military industry.

  • Size: 1.0mm- 63.5mm;

    Grade : G80-G500;

    Hardness: ≤HRC28;

    Magnetic:Austenitic steel, non-magnetic;

    Features: the most suitable for industries with high anti-corrosion requirements, and the anti-rust ability is very strong;

    Comparison: 316L stainless steel ball is more soft and shining than 316 stainless steel ball and can be used in persons’ decoration;

    Applications:Special bearings, pumps and valves, aerosol and dispenser sprayers. Utilized in the foodstuff, paper, chemical, rubber, military, textile industry. Applications in photographic devices, medical instruments, quick couplings, recirculating balls, ink cartridges, jewels.

  • Heading: In the first step, heading machines cut wire into short lengths and form it into spherical shapes between dies.

    Deflashing: The flash line, a ridge left by the forming dies, is removed as balls roll between heavy, cast iron plates.

    Soft Grinding: Similar to deflashing, except that a grinding stone is used to improve precision.

    Heat-treating: Carbon steel balls are next carburized and hardened. Heat treatment imparts the desired hardness and case depth.

    Descaling: This step removes the residues and by-products from the heat-treating process.

    Hard Grinding: Slow, meticulous grinding assures proper sizing and sphericity, with tolerances as close as ±.0001".

    Lapping: Several proprietary lapping processes can bring balls to the requirements of ISO 3290 Grade 10 - 48.

    Finishing: Proprietary chemical and mechanical processes give the balls their final micro-smoothed finish, for increased wear resistance and product longevity.

    Inspection: All products pass through at least two 100% inspection stages, using proprietary, automated inspection processes.

Packaging of stainless steel ball:

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