Rare Metal(Indium,Nickel,Molybdenum,etc.)

Tungsten Copper Alloy Tube/ Sheet/ Special Type

    Tungsten Copper Alloy Tube: Ø3~390mm, Length<500mm

    Tungsten Copper Alloy Sheet: Width<390mm, Length<500mm

    Tungsten Copper Alloy  Special Type: Width<390mm, Length<500mm


    Composition: Tungsten, Copper, Other

Product Detail

Tungsten-Copper alloy from Shanghai Metal Corporation is the composite of Tungsten and Copper, which own the excellent performances of Tungsten and Copper, such as heat-resistant, ablate-resistant, high-intensity, excellent thermal and electrical conductivity.

It is easy to be machined. It is used widely in such industries as engine, electrical power, electron, metallurgy, spaceflight and aviation. Using CIP formation, sintered tungsten skeleton and infiltrating copper (silver) technology, large size and special shape products of tungsten-copper (silver) composites with 6-90 percent of copper are produced, such as electric contacts, electrode, refractory parts, heat sinks and parts of rocket.

We can also produce sheet material, tubing, plate and other small products by mould pressing, extrusion pressing and MIM.

If you want to know more about our expansion or expansion alloy price please feel free to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

Specifications of Tungsten Copper Alloy:

Resistance Welding of Tungsten Copper Alloy:

The high physical and mechanical properties, as well as the thermal and electrical conductivity, of refractory metal composites make these materials very suitable for die inserts and electrode facings, flash and butt welding dies, and hot upsetting. The Tungsten Copper Alloy can also solve heat balance problems.

Heat Sinks of Tungsten Copper Alloy:

Shanghai Metal Corporation developed CuW75 to be used extensively in thermal mounting plates, chip carriers, flanges, and frames for high-power electronic devices. As a copper tungsten material, it’s a composite, so both the thermal advantages of copper and the very low expansion characteristics of tungsten can be utilized.

The combination of these two materials results in thermal expansion characteristics similar to those of silicone carbide, aluminum oxide, and beryllium oxide, used as chips and substrates. Because of its thermal conductivity and expansion characteristics, it works well in densely packed circuits.

Electrical Contacts of Tungsten Copper Alloy:

    Shanghai Metal Coporation developed CuW70,CuW80 contacts with applications as following:

·arcing contacts and plates

·arc runners

·current carrying members

·blade facings

All of our materials are produced by the press, sinter, and infiltrate process. Each manufacturing step, including the basic powder, is closely controlled, monitored, and signed off on by Quality Assurance. After completion, all manufactured lots are checked for conductivity, density, and hardness prior to shipping. This information is recorded and kept on file, and also accompanies the parts or materials when requested.

Tungsten Copper Alloy are used worldwide for EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) and ECM (Electrochemical Machining) electrodes. All material is manufactured by the press, sinter, and infiltrate process. Virgin powders are used, resulting in a consistent homogeneous material giving high and even burning rates. Copper tungsten is used in plunger/sinker applications where intricate definition is required, especially in tungsten carbide.

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