Cold Rolled Steel

Automotive Sheet

    Steel grade: HC340/590DP, HC420/780DP, HC550/980DP


    Thickness: 1.2-1.4mm

Product Detail

To be customers’ sincere and reliable partner in providing automotive steels and their solutions to achieve 

win-win collaboration.

Shanghai Metal Corporation could offer variety of specialized services and technical support from concept 

design stage of auto body and components to launching the products and quality control, including:

Material selecting in auto design and modification, simultaneous engineering in components development, 

welding and painting technical support, and quality/cost control in production.

Optimization of steel application for auto structures in terms of cost and performance purposes.
Tooling design and pre- and post-production evaluation to ensure the best steel performance.

Recommendation of new materials and technologies to promote the competitiveness of automotive 


Perfect product system of automotive sheet

Experiences: Devoted in auto steel about 20 years ago, with a complete capability of R&D, manufacturing 

and application, over 20 years experiences in HSS and over 15 years in AHSS

Products: The only domestic steel company with a great variety of products, including hot rolled and 

pickled sheets, cold rolled sheets, hot dip galvanized steels, galvanized sheets, electro-galvanized sheets.

Grade: Max CR 1700Mpa, GI & GA 1200MPa, EG 780MPa

Cold-forming Technology Support:

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