Material: 304, 316,316L, etc.

    Cartridge Type: Lock Core Filter/Filter Bag.

    Filter range: 0.5-200 um.

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading bag filter manufacturer and supplier.

The industrial bag filter consists of a cylindrical body, usually made of 304 or 316 L stainless steel. The filter vessel can accommodate one or more filter bags depending on the flow rates. The liquid to be filtered arrives from the top of the filter into the bag. This filter bag is supported by a restrainer basket that handles the mechanical loads. The fluid passes through the filter bag leaving the impurities inside of it. Then, the liquid comes out through the bottom nozzle of the filter housing, free of impurities. During filtration, the pressure upstream gradually increases until the bag is completely clogged. It is then necessary to stop the installation or by passing to another filter body via a valve. You can simply open the cover and replace the filter bag for next use. The filtration rating and filter bag materials can be adapted to best suit the demands of each industrial process.

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High dirt holding capacity, maintaining filter capacity far longer than other cartridges filters.

Stainless steel filter bag available in various sizes of filter bags or any other special size request.

Top cover can be easily removed, without using any tools and the bag can be cleaned and replaced quickly and easily.

Bag filter is a perfect choice in various industrial applications where high flow rates and high pressures are required.

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