Enamelled Copper Wire , PTFE Wire

Brass Welding Wire/ Rod

    Material: Brass

    Shape: Wire/Rod

Product Detail

Shanghai Metal Corporation is a leading Brass Welding Wire/Rod manufacturer and supplier.

Brass welding wire is a flame gas welding wire. Tin brass and iron brass are representatives of brass gas welding wires. They are used with borax welding. The representative ones include Welding 201 brass gas welding wire and 201-F flux welding. The paste is comparable to borax soldering paste which has better soldering properties. Then there is the special brass welding wire for brass argon arc welding wire, which is the brass argon arc welding wire that uses an ordinary DC argon arc welding machine to weld brass, dissimilar welding of brass and iron, dissimilar welding of brass and stainless steel, dissimilar welding of copper and iron Welding, etc., represents the welding wire Wei Odin brass argon arc welding wire, a special argon arc welding wire for brass.

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Package: wooden box/carton packaging, or according to customer’s requirement

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